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03:03pm 22/03/2007
My birthday is Monday. I'll be 38. Not really a big deal, but what is frightening to me is that I've spent the last year thinking I was already 38. So technically, I'm not really going to be any older, AND that means that 40 is 2 years away, instead of 1. So - "I Win"
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music: Thomas Dolby, Gin Blossoms
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08:46pm 22/03/2007 (UTC)
Man, you ARE young!
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08:47pm 22/03/2007 (UTC)
Happy (early) Birthday! Hope you have some fun. :)

**I'll be 40 this year!!! *(actually, I'm looking forward to it)
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01:33pm 24/03/2007 (UTC)
Thanks! I'm going to have fun, gosh darnit. People may get hurt, but I'm going to have fun.

Congrats on the 40! I'm glad it's a good thing.
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04:06pm 23/03/2007 (UTC)
Yeah, thanks for the reminder about the whole 40 thing.

Why, when I was your age... oh, wait.
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07:07pm 23/03/2007 (UTC)
Damn kids and yer loud music and big pants and hoolahoops! Get off my lawn!
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