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02:49pm 18/07/2010
Insert paranoid rant here
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(no subject)  
10:05pm 09/06/2010
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11:40am 28/02/2010
anti-virus protection for the computer. Any suggestions?
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well okay  
05:21pm 09/12/2009
I believe that I have only been this pissed at Mike once. Make this twice. SWEAR WORD
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disturbing dream  
08:18am 21/11/2009
I had a dream about 20 minutes ago. I was looking out at the trees from my deck and I saw what physically was an oversized squirrel, but in dreamland was a rabbit. It was sitting at the very end of a branch facing out. A wolf came and started to creep up behind it. The rabbit didn't do anything. The wolf crept closer until it looked like it was resting his head on the rabbits butt. I was watching the whole thing hoping that the wolf was being friendly and that nothing was going to happen. Again the rabbit never moved, nothing. Finally, after what felt like forever, I see the wolf clamp down on the rabbits tail (again long like a squirrels.)

He starts pulling him backwards back on the branch, at which point I decide that I'm going to try and save the damn thing. I pick up this 20 lb branch and threaten to throw it at the wolf. Somehow I thought I could at least pick it up and poke it with it. Yeah right. Of course the wolf is just looking at me and I feel as though it is almost smiling. Of course no fear in its eyes. At last, I think that I see the rabbit turn and walk, not run, the other direction. I hear the wolf rip the tale off the rabbit and I expect it to start running, but it doesn't. There is not blood. Finally the wolf picks up the rabbit and runs off with it, at which point that are some horrible animal noises, but it felt like it was the wolf laughing rather than from the rabbit's pain. I turned around and started yelling for Mike, who was also watching the whole thing. And then I woke up.

The part about the wolf hunting the rabbit didn't bother me. That is natual. What bothered me was the rabbit never made any effort to save itself. There was no chase. The auditory part of the dream killed me. That's what woke me up.

I'm pretty sure I know why I had the dream.
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12:25pm 28/10/2009
My Patrons are making me feel all warm and fuzzy today. I'll see if I feel the same after two hours with the boys playing Mario Kart.
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Where's 11:11 when I need it.  
11:33am 24/09/2009
Black cloud with psychotic tendencies. This is way fun.
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12:59pm 11/09/2009
I'm pretty sure that 9/11 should not be equated to Columbine or the Alamo, or at least I don't believe so.
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home ownership  
11:45am 27/08/2009
dead tree fell. Fell into a row of three trees. Tore branches off of tree number 3. waiting to see if tree number 2 falls as well.
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12:10pm 14/08/2009
Brain broke down on the 2nd. Pretty much toast until the 10th. Started feeling better and yesterday was a great brain day. had high hopes. today, not starting off so good. hoping that this too shall pass. somewhat full of the frustration right now.
mood: annoyedannoyed
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